2018 Fiesta Bowl Parade

December 29, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
650 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Bill Johnston
2018 Fiesta Bowl Parade @ Phoenix | Arizona | United States

Thank you to all Blue Blazers, FCP Board Members and family members who will be carrying the American Flag along the parade route.

When: Saturday, December 29th
Showtime: no later than 9:00am
Attire: FCP or BBS polo with Blue Blazer
Where to go: click HERE for the Fiesta Bowl maps (go to balloon staging area … indicated on the map as #3)
Snacks: light refreshments and coffee will be available at the FCP spot in balloon staging
Training: YES!!!  Patrick McDermott &/or Danny Ortega will give us a short tutorial on maneuvering the balloon … expect this happen at 9:30am

Thank you to Arnie Evdokimo for sponsoring the American Flags again this year!!!
Once again, we will be walking alongside 30+ Airmen from Luke AFB and a Luke AFB Fire Engine.

Parking Pass: Due to the growth of the parade and the limited number of passes available, parking passes will only be given to Luke AFB Airmen and senior leadership.  Parking updates will be sent out once potential locations are scouted near the volunteer/participant lot.

Important Notice about Shuttle Pick Up:

Once you park, go to the shuttle pick up in the participant/volunteer parking lot (see map, page 3 for the location of this lot).  **Remember that it took some Blue Blazers 45-60 minutes to get from the shuttle pick up to the balloon staging area**  Please keep this in mind so that you allow ample time to park, get to the shuttle, and arrive at the balloon staging.