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2015 Member Handbook (last update 1/27/2015!)

2015 Member Roster Only

Bullet Point Tracer (last update 1/26/2015)

Member Status (as of Jan. 2015):

AC-A Active – Alpha Class 37 Members
AC-B Active – Bravo Class 26 Members
LM-A Life Member – Alpha Class 8 Members
PM-A Prior Military – Alpha Class 1 Member
PM-B Prior Military – Bravo Class 2 Members DV-A DV (Honorary) Blue
Blazer – Alpha 1 Member
Total: 75

BBS Talent Bank (in progress)

The purpose of this section is to define the BBS resource pool.  It is largely a work in progress.  Each member is required to complete the talent bank survey in a timely fashion so that the talent bank committee can complete their project. Please e-mail with questions, concerns, feedback and suggestions.